Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"You guys are engineers!"

One last not-so-funny story from the conference. Thursday night we were hanging out in the lobby trying to decide what to do for dinner. Most of the attendees were gone and ANSYS, Inc. and channel partners were remaining. We met up with some people from the CFX part of ANSYS, Inc. and decided to take a cab down to Station Square for dinner. Two PADT guys, 3 CFX guys and a customer (CFX user). Now Ward (one of PADT's other owners) and I are certainly middle aged. But the other 4 were younger and in my view, dressed somewhat hip and stylish.

As we were waiting for a cab in front of the hotel one pulls up and this knock-out blond gets out. She is attractive and dressed in a casual but stylish way. Expensive but undertated jewlry and matching lugage. As she looks towards the loby she sees us and says, I kid you not: "You guys are engineers, aren't you" We were speachless. Shcoked. Devistated. Was it that obvious?!?!?

After some nervous laughter I even asked her "Is it that obvious" She looked me up and down and said "Yes" and then walked inside.

I'm still not clear on how I should take it. But I'm thinking of burning my khaki's and all of my shirts with some company/product logo on the left breast. Maybe green hair?

Maybe I should have taken some of the MS Beer to drown my sorrows........


Keith_DiRienz said...

Fear not Eric. The way I see it, she is an ardent admirer of engineers and can spot one much the same way a car fancier can spot a '57 Chevy from a block away.

jajohnson said...

Women love engineers... at least for marrying purposes they do. My wife calls us good nerds. The good refers to the fact that we can fix everything around the house. A bad nerd is one that's addicted to video games.

Paris Altidis said...

Next time you're faced with question like this and get a follow up "What kind of Engineers ?" just say " The good and funny ones" and walk away the same way she did. Can't wait for that reaction !!!!
Now, if she comes back for more, well, Eric you've got the chance to stand up there for the rest of us - Make the XANSYS guys proud !!!

Paris Altidis said...
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frankex said...

she were just invidious as to not form part of the community..

It happens all the time. They all want us - but are to shy to admit it ;-)